Oz Road Race and Lafayette Criterium: MM 4-5

Oz Road Race and Lafayette Criterium: MM 4-5

Joe Clemens had a big weekend. Here’s the report:

Oz –

With solid representation already in the SM 4’s, a few us old guys decided to represent the Masters 40+ category.  The Oz race featured myself, Krause, Maduff, and Zimski.


The race started off gentlemanly, but the pace picked up in the dirt section. This split the field in half, and with a bit of shouting, we were able to actually get the peloton to work together in rotation to prevent it from coming back together.  After passing a couple other fields though, the group camaraderie started to fade, with Krause taking a lot of time up front.  Zimski and I also jumped in taking pulls, doing our best to recruit some other riders to share the load.  By the time we started westbound, no one was doing any work, and we all tried to shelter in the draft.


As soon as we hit the bend to the long northbound section the speeds picked up dramatically with Palmares sending out a lead out rider.  It became a bit frantic and dangerous as some riders were swinging across the road at high speeds.  At this point everyone was looking for a strong wheel as it came in to the final sprint, where it was a nail-biter, as according to the time sheets I had the exact same time as Shipley (Palmares) who ended up 2nd.  Final Tally – Clemens (3); Krause (9), Zimski (13), Maduff (19).


Lafayette –

Alessandro, Heider, and myself showed up for “the toughest crit in Colorado.”  For the first couple laps Jason was away for a bit, allowing myself and Alessandro to  suck wheel.  After getting brought back, I eventually found myself on the front, at which point I attacked as soon as the hill came.  I was out on a solo break for about 4-5 laps. This really allowed me to dial in the corners as I learned exactly how fast I could take them without braking.  As I noticed my gap shrinking with about 3 to go, I decided to slow down and take it easy on the hill for recovery as they caught me.  As we came around for the final lap, Alessandro punched it on the hill with one on his wheel, and I jumped around the wheel I was following to be in third.  We had a small gap which closed on the flat recovery section, and I found myself in first position. On the final decent there was no way I was going first, and slowed way down until finally a rider took the bait and jumped. I went after him and found myself right where I wanted to be in third wheel.  That rider fell back on the northbound stretch leaving me second wheel going into the final turn, at which point I gave it everything I had to take the win with good showings from all.  Final tally – Clemens (1), Carollo (4), Heider (6).


Bonus – According to this morning’s BRAC site, not only is Primal leading the SM4 with a 1st in every race except Louisville, the Masters 4’s are in second behind Mod Market, which is a Masters specific team. Good job everyone!

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