Cat 3 Race Reports: The Koppenberg!

Cat 3 Race Reports: The Koppenberg!

From Andrew Wheeler:



The weather was great and the course was the best I had ever seen it, other than a bunch of ruts in the approach to the hill, which made picking your line super important. It was Kurt, ZVR, and I that started the race. Our plan was simple. Position well and watch all the juniors, especially boots. Staying in the front group was key. The race started and the pace was balls to the walls right away. The juniors, mostly Boots kept a high pace the first two laps. We flew into the hill and over it. On the second lap, Boots tried to attack with a BJC kid, but we pulled them back. The third lap started with a massively reduced bunch, and the rubber band snapped on the hill. I was behind a guy that could not keep up with the lead juniors, so we had to chase, but it was to no avail. I ended up in the chase group of 6, with 6 guys up the road. We worked well together, although I was hoping we could hammer a bit more to drop some of the guys that looked like they were barely hanging on. We rode together to the last lap. There was an attack up Marshall, but we countered that. I was second out of the last turn and started my sprint too early, getting passed at the line by 3 guys and finishing 11th. 

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